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My name is Lisa

I studied Graphic Communications, Digital Media and Design on the Isle of Wight and in Plymouth 2015 - 2021 and achieved a BA(Hons) degree as a mature student.


My passion is about equally balancing my work between traditional hand techniques and the digital possibilities then sharing these skills with my local community in Exeter, Devon.

Making with our hands in a group of people, with a variety of experience, in an activity such as embroidery, aligns with the NICE guidelines of the '5 Ways to Well-being' which aims  to show  us how to help ourselves and improve our well-being,  such as connecting with people (in person rather than text), learning something new and being in the outdoors.  My lived experience over the last few years has proved to me personally the positive impact these have.  My goal is to give back to the local organisations and communities who have helped me with my own recovery.

During the pandemic I joined many online creative courses run by Devon Recovery Learning Community which was invaluable to my mental health.  Not only did I meet new people and learn new skills, I had a sense of belonging at a very lonely time.

The typography in the Delightful Devon modern maps were made by cutting each letter from cardboard during the first Covid lockdown of 2019.  The process was freehand, without drawing any letters first, and the scissors used were the large kitchen kind.

This technique was inspired by the french artist Henri Matisse, whose creativity evolved into his cut outs of figures and nature with large scissors, during the 19th century.

My inspiration comes from nature, patterns, where I live and other creatives, particularly those who find a way to continue designing  following their own physical and mental health challenges.

original photo of me matisse style.png
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